Saturday, August 29, 2009

Samsung sucks!

No wonder Samsungs products are so popular: they offer good quality and innovative features for a really nice price.
But beware if you need Samsung to repair your defective device, at least in Germany. Be prepared not to see it back for months. As reported in the german computer magazine c't (in issue 18/2009, listen to it here), it can take 5 months - and maybe even longer, if you don't use some heavy pressure.

Compared to that I was lucky - it took only 7 weeks until I got my T220HD monitor / TV set back.

Worst thing is that Samsung is not able to correctly track the status of their repair orders. This can lead as far as in the c't case that the device is actually lost. And they have been struggling for months now, just listen to this c't report from March 2009 here (in german). And if that's not enough to convice you, some more stories here (in german).

So better keep away from Samsung if you are not willing to kiss your device good bye for a few months.

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  1. And the story goes on: today I received a replacement monitor from Samsung - so sorry but I never had such a monitor and hopefully will never have. The Call Center (which sucks up 14 cent per minute) wasn't very helpful, but I was at least able to let them get it back.

    Stay tuned for the next episode of the Samsung story!